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Take a few moments to explore our web home. We think you will find us to be a warm fellowship, deeply interested in helping one another find the joy and contentment that God intends for all His children. To that end, we worship with energy, study the Word in depth and work very hard to be a people who put into practice what we are learning. Let us know if you have questions and we will be glad to answer them as best we can. We look forward to meeting you as you join us for worship. We love the internet, but a warm handshake and smiling face still makes all the difference in the world.

Part 3 – The Essentials of Learning – Imitation

with Pastor Brian Spencer

Part 2 – The Essentials of Learning – Demonstration

with Rev. Dr. Donald Minter

Part 1 – The Essentials of Learning – Explanation

with Rev. Dr. Donald Minter

Part 4 – Why Community Matters

Equal Before God
with Rev. Dr. Donald Minter