We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ… -2 Corinthians 10:5
“It is only when God has altered our disposition and we have entered into the experience of sanctification that the fight begins. The warfare is not against sin; we can never fight against sin: Jesus Christ deals with sin in Redemption. The conflict is along the line of turning our natural life into a spiritual life.” – Oswald Chambers

The ‘fight’ rarely begins in the early days of the trek after the Serving King.  The mind has weathered many a lofty ideal, idealism in all of its forms attempting to gain mastery over body and soul.  And in the early days, the mind, thinking this to be another one of your grand adventures into idealism, simply sits quietly on the sidelines waiting for this latest novice idea to run its course, usually done in a matter of days, weeks at the longest.  The fight rarely comes with the entrance of novice ideas, as they simply go away just as quickly as they came, so the course for far too many who launch out after Jesus.

But this is different.  The weeks have not washed away the lofty idealism of your latest commitment to being and doing in ways honorable and good, His ways.  To the contrary, this latest venture into idealism is taking root, empowered by some unseen force, seemingly even restructuring the brain, enabling these seedlings of faith to take root, deeper and deeper as the days and weeks roll by. Sanctification, the taking root of these seedlings of faith, ushers in a new way of being and doing, soon threatening the old mastery of the mind ruling the roost for so very long. 

It is only then, deep into the trek, the mind awakens, sensing the need to engage in this battle for supremacy, control over how you think and consequent being and doing in the days to come.  The mind, suddenly aware your natural life, seems to be embracing this new and idealistic way of being and doing, and enters the foray determined to regain the upper hand, reminding you of the folly up ahead as you trek deeper and deeper into His way of being and doing

Thus, the ‘fight’ begins.  And it will not be pleasant.  There is much at stake here as the mind has finally come to understand this is no mere idealism as in days gone by.  No, this idealism has altered your disposition, changed the very essence of who you are.  So the mind rises to defend its turf.  Prepare yourself.  The battle for the mind, now that you are deep into the trek, has just begun.  There is much conflict yet ahead as the awakened mind begins to seriously embrace His way of being and doing, His way of thinking.  You have begun to embrace the mind of Christ.  More importantly, it has begun to embrace you.

Things to consider...

Have you yet discovered how difficult it is to unroot old ways of thinking and consequent doing?

What are some of the ways your awakened mind has changed how it thinks?