For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.-Romans 8:26
“…God searches your heart not to know what your conscious prayers are, but to find out what is the prayer of the Holy Spirit.” – Oswald Chambers

Ignorance, crossing a broad spectrum of arenas, renders the child trekking after the Serving King incapable of praying “as we ought.” It simply is not possible to pray “as we ought” with such limited wisdom in the early days of the trek. But ignorance is not the only problem, nor perhaps even the most severe; instead, our very being and consequent doing has been infected by sin, enslaved for so long (Romans 6:20) that a reset must occur, regeneration in the most literal sense.

But God, never leaving us as orphans, sends His Spirit rummaging through the depths of our being, uncovering a vast array of distorted settings, each needing to be restored to its intended setting, a “holiness default”, liberating the long enslaved to “pray as they ought.” Then begins the Spirit’s intercession on your behalf, the long process of resetting your being to a “holiness default”, one piece at a time, precisely the right order, the very ‘DNA’ of your being restored to the “holiness default” settings.

Understand, resetting to a “holiness default” is fraught with chaos as the yet unset dimensions of your being, and, yes, there are many even deep into the trek, must acclimate to changes occurring in the most profound ways to linked partners already redeemed and reset, demanding new ways of being and doing. But sin, having sunk deep roots of habit into your being, does not simply surrender quietly making room for the reset to occur. No, the battle royal commences as “…the Spirit intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.” Only now do you really begin to understand just how deeply entrenched are sin’s ways of being and doing

Likewise, your companions, those who have trekked with you for these many years, struggle to accommodate the emerging you, ever changing as “…the Spirit Himself intercedes for us.” They, too, are not acclimated to the “holiness default” now taking shape in you. So, the Spirit intercedes yet again helping your companions, those old trusted friends, to embrace the ever-emerging you. And you must trek on as the reset unfolds. There are yet many resets ahead as the trek continues into the deepest regions. Be prepared for the changes yet to come as you trek deeper and deeper into the ways of the Serving King.

Things to consider...

How does the Holy Spirit go about resetting the default setting in your being and doing?

What resets have you already experienced?