In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace.-Ephesians 1:7
“Beware of the pleasant view of the Fatherhood of God—God is so kind and loving that of course He will forgive us. That sentiment has no place whatever in the New Testament. The only ground on which God can forgive us is the tremendous tragedy of the Cross of Christ; to put forgiveness on any other ground is unconscious blasphemy.” – Oswald Chambers

For those deep into the trek after the Serving King, the subtlety of sin, wise and sly as sin has become, lurking quietly in the shadows, ushers in a new threat to the deepest stages of the trek after the Serving King.  Sin, content for the moment to nibble away at the edges of righteousness actualized, rarely raises its head in the provocative and ugly ways of old.  Too wise for such boldness, knowing you would banish the hideous beast to the dungeon of the soul again, sin now whispers here and there, stealing fragments of righteousness from your being and doing.  Never enough theft to raise the eyebrow of suspicion, but more than enough to tarnish the light from the Spirit of the Living God beaming from the radiance of your being and doing

So subtle is sin in the latter stages of the trek,  you will be tempted to think, “God is so kind and loving that, of course, He will forgive” these insignificant transgressions against actualized righteousness.  And sin gaining ground in its persuasive point of view, soon suggesting these minor inconveniences against holiness, barely noticeable in the big picture of things, especially against the backdrop of the behavior of the ‘many’, should simply be bathed in the magnificent love of the kind and gracious God. 

So goes the persuasion of subtle sin as it does what evil always does, ever so slightly altering the glorious truth of God’s Word until it mutates into an appealing other gospel pleasant to the ears, robbing God’s children of actualized righteousness.  Subtle sin, vanquished as it may be, delights in robbing God’s people of the abundant life within actualized righteousness.

But you will do well to remember “…the only ground on which God can forgive us is the tremendous tragedy of the cross.”  The loving-kindness of God comes our way only after the Son has faced the ‘tragedy of the cross’.  Even subtle sin comes with a hefty price for the Son.  More importantly, for those in the deep stages of the trek comes the realization only the ‘tragedy of the cross’ can cleanse, keeping at bay the subtle sin as it spreads its corrosive nature across the full spectrum of your being and doing.  Give subtle sin no quarter.  Cleanse yourself of all sin, even subtle sin, at the foot of the cross.  Trek on…

Things to consider...

In what ways does subtle sin still whisper to you now that you are deep into the quest for holiness?

Are you deep enough into the trek after the Serving King you can now identify subtle sin?