But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God, the fruit you get leads to sanctification and its end, eternal life.” –  Romans 6:22
“Enjoy the journey of life and not just the endgame.” – Benedict Cumberbatch

The destination, eternal life, remains the same for all those trekking after the Serving King and all those setting out after Him; it will arrive, sooner or later.  The destination is never at stake, even when so little transformation comes to fruition; rather, it’s the kind of journey the trekker will experience in getting there.  For some, perhaps the many, the journey will never know the glorious moment of “…now that you have been set free from sin.”  Instead, freedom is repeatedly surrendered to old ways of being and doing, old ways delighted to welcome home the liberated child of the King, yet failing to exercise their newfound freedom in Him.  Freedom unnecessarily languishes in the ways of old.

But the few, ready to seize freedom, finally able to exercise liberty, quickly look for a new King, one who delights in sanctifying those in His service.  Sanctification liberates every dimension of all it touches, and so the process begins for those brave enough to actualize freedom from sin. To sanctify simply means to set aside for divine purposes only.  So the Spirit of God begins the step-by-step process of liberating an ever-expanding domain within those determined to exercise freedom from sin.  The consequence, Christian maturity, doing, begins unfolding in the life of one trekking after the Serving King.  With each passing day comes another point of liberation as the Spirit of God gains mastery over the flesh, piece by piece, layer by layer, in an ever-expanding domain of the Kingdom of God. 

So the serendipity of “slaves to God” begins taking shape as each passing day brings freedom in ever-increasing quantities.  This is a journey into the freedom to be and do in the ways of God, and the fruit of freedom, sanctification, is the grand prize for those who refuse to be content with the endgame, eternal life. 

The trek after the Serving King is fundamentally about the journey deeper and deeper into the fullness of sanctification, the reclamation of domains surrendered long ago to sin.  The endgame will come soon enough.  In the meantime, there is much to be reclaimed along the way.  Step into the being and doing now yours as a child of the Serving King.  Your sanctification awaits as domain after domian is liberated into the freedom from sin. 

Things to consider...

Describe what freedom from sin looks like in your life?

Are you aware of domains in which sin still clings?