My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor be weary when reproved by Him.” –  Hebrews 12:15
Suffering breaks me – suffering humbles me. There are no shortcuts to wisdom – it involves pain.. – Kent Delhousaye

The shadow of sanctification, glorious and filled with dawn’s light and grace, is still but a shadow of what will be.  And, for the child trekking after the Serving King, there can never be contentment in the dawn of sanctification, the mere beginning of the new day.  Instead, the sun of the noonday, sanctification, is the longing of the heart, or so you think; but alas, the blind cannot know what it is to see merely by being told of the experience by others blessed with the gift of sight.  So it is with the glory of sanctification, this being and doing, reflecting the glory of the Son’s light in all of its fullness.  You cannot know it until the discipline of the Lord finally arrives. Only then can you know the desires of your heart, the arrival of the noonday.

But you are not used to living in the brightness of the noonday, a shadowless world in which the Spirit of God brings full exposure to the light of God’s manner of being and doing.  Having lived in the shadows of the light of dawn for so long, so long you thought it the noonday, you will be blinded, initially, by the glory God intends for you, a sanctification so deep and thorough, overpowering initially, generating an unexpected turning away.  And in that moment, you will be tempted to return to the dawn with its coziness and room for shadows, a safe place where the discipline of the Lord rarely visits.  Dawn is the land where infant grace reigns, and it is never easy to leave such a wonderful place led by the hand of mother grace.

Nonetheless, resist the temptation to flee to the dawn away from the glaring sun of the noonday.  Your eyes will adjust in a moment. And when your vision returns, liberated from the muted light of the shadowland, let God’s vision, God’s discipline, install a dream of being and doing where the shadows of the dawn are gone and the full glory of what you can be and do shines brightly in the light of the Serving King.

Allow the noonday to usher in ways of being and doing you have considered only for Him, never for you.  You will wonder, why did I not see this before?  Oh, but you did, merely thinking “…that must be the devil,” confusing the Lord’s discipline as an attack on grace’s dawn, thus regarding it lightly.  This time embrace the full sun of the noonday and trek on into the being and doing yet ahead, reflecting the light of the Son as He prepares the way…

Things to consider...

Why is the light of the noonday so difficult for those new to a life in the light?

What experiences have you had with the Lord’s discipline?

Are you yet tempted to run to the comfort of the morning dawn, safe from the discipline of the noonday sun?