He will render to each one according to his works… ” –  Romans 2:6
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. – Old Proverb

Grace is the bedrock of all things related to Gospel, the foundation upon which life, the trek after the Serving King, flows with reckless abandon.  Hence, Grace is the safety net for those recklessly seeking holiness in every aspect of life, only to fall short in their effort (for you will fall short).  But Grace is easily distorted by those who confuse ‘falling short’, the inevitable consequence of reckless abandon, with no effort at all.  And herein lies the majesty of Gospel, grace to those whose reckless abandon falls short, shy of His standard.  In the end, every quest for actual righteousness falls short.

But make no mistake, the ‘works’ of those who recklessly seek after God are no mere ‘good intentions’, ineffectual efforts producing lackluster results; to the contrary, they are reflections of the power of God at work in those who believe, bringing about radical transformation.  Thus, God will ‘render’ to each according to the ‘work’ (erga), better yet ‘effort’, put forth in life’s endeavor.  The term, often translated by Homer and the early Greeks to represent ‘zeal’, suggests God transforms those whose ‘zeal’ is present and at work.  ‘Work’ or ‘zeal for God’ is the consequence for those who have learned to ‘take chances’ in their trek after the Serving King.  It is the risk-takers who discover another level of Christlikeness untouched by the masses drifting along the road of good intentions.  Drifting along the road of good intentions will ultimately lead to a pitiful destination.

And so the child trekking after the Serving King discovers a measuring stick, a means of evaluation, determining the affect of authentic Gospel upon one’s life.  Have my works changed?  Is there a noticeable difference in the life which I live?  Gospel never touches a life and leaves it in the condition it was found.  Gospel is no mere well of ‘good intentions’; to the contrary, it ushers in ‘works’, zealous effort, as the normative response in those whom Gospel cultivates.  Thus, the Gospel of Grace always brings about ‘work’ in those whom it graces.  Look up and determine the road upon which you travel.  The road to hell paved with good intentions?  Or the ‘highway of holiness’ (Isaiah 35:8) upon which the righteous shall trod?  The highway of holiness is just ahead for those whose zealous effort discovers a road just beyond the path of good intentions.  Look up and take the high road…

Things to consider...

When you consider the old proverb, “The road to hell is paved with God intentions”, what comes to mind?

Would you describe your quest after the Serving King as a journey of ‘reckless abandonment’?

What would have to happen in your life for your ‘good intentions’ to become reality?