Community Incarnation

We take seriously that the Church is the Body of Jesus Christ. As He did, we engage society physically and emotionally on behalf of God. Our engagement is an expression of God’s care and compassion for humanity. The fullness of this expression is found only in the person of Jesus Christ, therefore our love of others demands we share this Good News we call the Gospel of Jesus.

Incarnational ministries reach into the community and point to Jesus

Kingdom Initiation

Sharing the love of Jesus and His message brings people to the gate of His Kingdom. We do not want to just bring people up to the Kingdom of Heaven, we want to usher them inside and be amazed as Jesus heals and breathes new life. We do this by teaching people:

  • How to hear from God through the Bible, prayer, and devotions
  • How to worship God by gathering, praising, and acknowledging
  • How to receive God in godly living and submission to His will

Kingdom initiation ministries are those that share the offer to become a child of God and teach how to get started

Raise up His Followers

We are a hopeful people. Jesus wants more than to bring us into His Kingdom – He invites us to the very throne room of the King of Kings. He commanded the Church to go and make disciples. We believe this is more than teaching His Word, it is training people how to express it in daily life. We invite all to join in Christian life and support them on the quest. We do this by providing materials, introducing spiritual practices, and uniting in bonds of significance.

Discipleship ministries are those that get people exercising spiritual disciplines and trying to live holy lives